Communication with your stakeholders is important for your business. Relating, communicating and sharing your message with those in your business, partners and employees, is the best way to begin any communication plan.

While internal communications is different than external communications, there should still be effort put into effectively communicating with employees.

Your employees are the voice for your company and often play the role of consumers and stock owners.

Create a plan to strategically convey your message internally to employees.

A plan to communicate with your employees will give you options for various channels of communication:

  • Social Media: The social media network LinkedIn is a great resource for an external communication website for your employees to communicate with you. Be wary of creating pages or groups on other social media networks since the communication is so public.
  • Open Forum meetings: Create times in the calendar that are set aside to engage with employees. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable and conversational. Listen and take note of request made by employees and respond to them quickly.
  • Company publication: Create a scheduled publication, possibly an online newsletter, which keeps employees updated on company news and events.
  • Blog: Create a blog that is updated with content that is appropriate for your audience, your employees. Offer opportunities for employees to blog as well.

Content still remains a large factor in all your communication efforts, internal and external. Contact JASE to create an effective communication plan for your business.

meetingsimage credit: By thinkpanama on flickr

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