JASE Online Store

Do your customers have access to your business any place, any time and on any device? In this tech crazy world, one of the final pieces to the success of your small business is shopping online. Sure your customers can view your products and services on your website, but they need to be able to purchase even if they are coming in to grab it on the go.

The JASE Small Business Online Store can make that happen. Our easy to use app smoothly integrates with your website and can work on any laptop, smartphone or tablet. With email notifications of new orders, you’ll never be disconnected from your customers. Whether you’re a jewelry store, a record store or a clothing store, your consumers should be able to enjoy your merchandise from wherever they may be.

Our app is easy–it’s simple and straight forward with no fancy slight of hand or unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s just an easy to use online store interface that operates responsively on any device. Your customers browse and order from your online products, and then you get an alert with the order to fulfill. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Click here to see more details on and get started with your JASE Small Business Online Store.

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