Kleenex TissueKleenex, Band-aid, Aspirin, and Google have all done an amazing job of branding their company and creating a brand that was deemed great enough to become the household names for all products in their industry. While the facial tissues that you purchase at your local grocery store may not be Kleenex brand it is more than likely what you call them.

As the leader in the tablet industry it is clear to see why the iPad may soon share the same fate as many great brands before it. As stated by Bulldogrepoter.com, iPad is the name consumers remember when purchasing tablets and as a result the purchase of tablets that are not iPads may still be called iPads. The article refers to this situation as a brand receiving iconic status amongst its competition.

As you work toward becoming the most recognized brand amongst your competition, understand that there are negative and positive aspects to this situation.

  • Brand recognition is important;  it ensures that when consumers see your brand there is no question that it is not your product, which is a positive aspect of becoming an iconic brand.
  • Brand loyalty is a result of meeting the needs of your consumers every time. Consumers remember the service and commitment; they remain loyal and commit to purchasing your brands products or services.
  • Brand deterioration is what happens to brands that become anonymous with their product  and eventually the name becomes generic and the brand becomes generic in the eyes of the consumers. Brand deterioration can also occur when the needs of the consumers are not met by your brand.

For your small businesses there may be less of a concern that your brand could become generic like many of the big brands mentioned above; however, understanding the role brand recognition, brand loyalty and brand deterioration have on the success of your brand will help your brand.  Contact JASE for additional information on brand management and reputation management for your brand.

image credit: by Judy ** on flickr

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