A great way to expand your brand and capture consumers that believe in your brand is to expose them to various aspects of the business. The same way society loves to hear all the personal details of the lives of their favorite celebrities, they also like to know what makes your company work.

Transparency is important, but this article is not about giving company secrets away. It’s all about sharing with your consumers some of the cool aspects of your business. Recently, a video entitled Inside Foxconn: Exclusive look at how an iPad is made, grabbed the attention of tech-lovers and Apple fanatics. The video offered an inside look at the facility where iPads are made. While the video focuses a lot on the factory, its workforce and the quality of life at the factory; it also provides a look at how the iPad is made, something that has not been made available to the public before.

What Can You Show Off About Your Business?

One of our clients, Mark Pressed4Time, took advantage of this idea and placed a video showing how dry cleaning works in their blog. The video was simple, but showed a side of the dry cleaning industry that customers don’t often get to see.

Find what makes your business unique or what process in your business, such as the creativity process, is interesting enough to share with consumers. For your brand, reaching out and connecting with your consumer helps in various ways:

  • Engages consumers by gaining their interest in different aspects of the business.
  • Helps develop your brand by reiterating some of the cool details that makes your business unique.
  • Increases brand loyalty as consumers become familiar with your brand and appreciate the brand.

Creating a great mix of content throughout your website and various social media communities is the best way to communicate your mission and the vision of your brand to consumers. A creative idea like the video post mentioned above is only one of many opportunities available to communicate with your consumers.  Contact JASE to learn more about creative ways to brand your business with content marketing.

Two Apple iPadsimage credit: by sucelloleiloes on flickr

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