JASE Kids in the kitchenTo logo or not to logo? That is the question for many small businesses today. The question is not so much whether to have a logo at all, because every business knows that having a logo is important, but should you pay to have some one design one professionally?

In a slow economy small businesses struggle to justify the expenditure of logo design. Maybe you have a logo that was designed years or decades ago. Maybe you have a friend who can design a logo. Either way, you find yourself at a crossroads of expenditure (cost of professional logo design) and return on investment (what will having a professional logo designed do for your business?).

Having a professional logo designed for your business is important for several reasons:
  • First Impressions – First impressions are important. When a potential customer first sees your business, what they see is what they remember about your business. Having a professional logo designed for your business gives your business a great first impression. Whether it is a business card, website, TV commercial, or any other advertising medium, your logo can be the first thing a potential customer sees.
  • Branding – What does your logo say about your business? Does it convey who you are? Does it convey what you stand for? Having a logo professionally designed can help begin to brand your business.
  • Application – A professionally designed logo gives your business the ability to apply that logo to all types of advertising and promotional material. Whether your logo is on a water bottle or a direct mailer you want the quality to be consistent and representative of your brand.

What does your business’ logo say about you? If you would like to learn more about how your company’s logo plays a role in brand management, check out our brand management page.

image credit: JASElab on flickr

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