search engine marketingEvery small business owner knows that to run with the big boys you must be visible online. For a consumer to purchase your product or service they have to know that you exist. It is the question that plagues small business owners on a daily basis, “how can my company compete against the industry leaders when they have the larger marketing budget?”

So today is finally here, you have decided now is the time to take your company’s visibility to another level.  You searched around and found the inbound marketing agency of your choice, but before you have your first meeting with your new partner, here is some information to consider in maximizing your new partnership.

These are some of the key factors in design and implementation that your marketing agency can control for you. It is important for you to communicate what your company does effectively with your agency to make sure this information is captured during the design phase.

ON-Page SEO Factors

  • Domain Name
  • H1 tags
  • Title tag
  • Meta keywords
  • Meta description
  • Internal links
  • Site architecture

Once development is complete of your web presence, your marketing agency can implement several techniques across the Internet to enhance your visibility.

OFF-Page SEO Factors

There are other more technical factors that come into play to ensure your website is performing optimally.


  • Prevent crawl errors
  • XML sitemaps
  • Prevent Meta data deficiencies
  • Enhance website download speed

These particular factors are generally left to the website design team, but if neglected can hamper the ability of your website to reach it’s target audience.

The integral association of these aspects and the successful selection of keywords to represent your company will go a long way in putting your company in the spot light with the big boys.

Still looking for a better understanding? Contact us today and speak with a representative on how Inbound Marketing can benefit your business.

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