The new web based communication tool has quickly established itself in the mobile device sector. Google has taken the lead in converting web-based traffic into direct telephone communication between an end user and a business. Although Google is not the only mega search engine to link up to this opportunity, they have excelled at getting their Google Adwords customers to use this profitable feature.

The click-to-call phone extensions make it easier for end users to connect with businesses without them necessarily visiting the website via mobile marketing. Google has developed two options when adding a clickable phone number in business ads that appear on mobile devices with complete internet browsers. Option one consists of adding click-to-call phone numbers in location extensions and local business ads. This means businesses can display their local phone number to users who are nearby in location using mobile devices with full browsers. The second option, phone extensions, shows a business phone number for all users on mobile devices to directly dial from full browsers.

Google also features Call Metrics which is a feature that allows businesses to track leads that come in by phone from any paid ad. It also allows a newly created or pre-existing call extension to show a phone number on not only mobile devices but also desktop computers. Google does this by creating a Google Voice number that is assigned to each campaign and displayed on the ad. The Google Voice number then transfers to the businesses phone number and allows for easy tracking and information gathered on each call. This does come at a price within the Adwords budget but is a direct way for mobile customers to contact businesses on the move.

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Click to Callimage credit: plenty.r on Flickr

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