I read an article last week from a digital marketing firm on the issue of “Social Signal” and its coming impact to search engine results. The article was informative on the effect of social signal on your website’s SEO. The only issue with the article is that it is about six months too late. The author talked about the future impact of social signals and how to adjust your marketing efforts. Again, one small problem, social signal is already here and already impacting search engine traffic. If your business is not accounting for the impact of social signal in your marketing efforts, your business has got a late jump on the race.

Why it is important to know if your inbound marketing agency is qualified

There are many digital and online marketing firms that tout to have the marketing solution for your business. The reality is that not every firm has the right answers. They may have answers that are good for yesterday’s online world, but online marketing changes quickly and what worked today may not work tomorrow.

Five Warning signs that an agency is not up on industry news
  1. The firm is talking only SEO – While SEO is important, it is a “yes” or “no” science today. Either the firm does SEO right or they do not. Either way it alone cannot make you visible to your target audience.
  2. The firm is talking about the future impact of social signal – Social signal will continue to impact online marketing, but like we stated above, it is here now and has to be accounted for.
  3. The firm is talking web design with flash – Flash went out years ago. It is not recognizable by search engines and has no impact on your SEO.
  4. The firm is talking only social media marketing – Social media is a powerful tool. It is not a standalone, all-encompassing marketing strategy.
  5. The firm cannot talk concisely and unequivocally about inbound marketing – If you are meeting with a potential firm about their inbound marketing services, they must be able to communicate clearly their strategy.

These are just a few of the potential warning signs to be alert for when inquiring about inbound marketing. Want to know why JASE can work for you? Contact us today to get started with an inbound marketing strategy that is right for your business. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

Warning Signimage credit: Mr. T in DC on flickr

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