Advertising, marketing, and public relations are three words understood by every business. Yet, for many businesses these are the three facets that are given the “fast food” treatment and ultimately can prevent these businesses from achieving their maximum potential.

There’s an old saying, “You get what you pay for.” That saying is never truer than in the world of food. Americans spend billions every year at restaurants of all varieties and they are given limitless options from convenience to quality. There are benefits to all types of food service, but when broken down to “fast food” versus “fine dining” there are some distinct differences. Applying this analogy to marketing and advertising can produce these same distinctions.

The “fast food” strategy to marketing and advertising
  1. It’s affordable – Fast food is more affordable than fine dining because of the production techniques and limited variety that is offered. The same can be said in the marketing world. There are a variety of affordable advertising and marketing options available to businesses of all sizes. However, affordable does not mean that it is effective or right for your business.
  2. It’s convenient – There is a fast food restaurant on every corner, it seems. It’s quick and easy to duck through the drive-thru and get a bite to eat to continue on your way. Need a website fast? Need an ad campaign fast? There are plenty of marketing firms promising convenient and fast delivery of service. This very often means they have to skip the research and development needed to deliver the right product for your business.
  3. It sits under a heat lamp – Why is fast food fast? It’s processed and made in bulk to eliminate time. It allows for very few options to minimize prep time and inventory and then it is stored under a heat lamp waiting for you to order. Signing up with a “fast food” marketing firm provides the same strategy. Template based websites, cookie cutter marketing and advertising strategies allow these firms to minimize the time and energy they invest into your business. The minimal investment means that your business is not receiving the optimal attention that it needs to be successful.
  4. It’s unhealthy – The ingredients in fast food are processed, the techniques of food preparation are the fastest, and the quality of the food is not the highest. That is how they can provide to you the quantity of food at the most affordable price. Over time, a steady diet of “fast food” is unhealthy for you. It is full of fats and calories that you don’t need and absent of the nutrients you need to be healthy and reach your full potential. Fast food marketing is the same for your business. Your business ends up needing to allocate more money to correct the issues created with the “fast food” approach.
The “five star” strategy to marketing and advertising
  1. It’s fresh – Chefs at fine restaurants prep the food by hand using only the freshest ingredients. Meat is broken down, not cut out of a box. Vegetables are prepped, not opened out of a container. Five star marketing services are the same way. They use the freshest techniques to market and advertise your business, paying special attention to do it by hand to ensure quality and not leaving it up to an automated process.
  2. It’s creative – Head chefs create quality, thought out, and researched menus fusing new flavors and techniques to make sure their food has a taste you will remember. Five star marketing firms apply the same strategy to make your business stand out over your competitors.  Just like the lasting taste of a beautifully crafted entree, a creative and expertly crafted ad campaign will stay on your customers’ minds.
  3. It’s given attention to detail – From a waiter who knows the menu thoroughly and what additions to pair to compliment the entree to the chef that crafts each presentation on the plate, fine dining ensures your experience is a positive one, that no question goes unanswered. The “five star” marketing firm gives that same attention to detail to its customers. They develop a relationship with each client to learn what their needs are and how to provide the best service.
  4. It’s healthy – Using fresh ingredients, healthier preparation techniques, and portion control fine dining can provide a better health to the consumer than fast food. Five star marketing firms provide the needed nutrients to help their clients maintain a healthy business and the boost to maximize results.

Five star marketing provides the attention to detail and the experience needed to craft unique, effective, and measured results to grow your business.

Has your business become bloated with the “fast food” marketing way? Want to know more about how JASE can give you the “five star” marketing strategy? Contact us today and let us help you stand out.

Fast food burgerimage credit: SteFou! on flickr

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