Show of hands. Whose heard/read me talk about Google’s Panda Algorithm and what it means for organic content? Who has heard/read me talk about SEO and how inbound marketing is today’s SEO and how filling your page with keywords won’t work anymore?

Well listen and pay attention, because this time Google is taking the training wheels off, and you better be ready or you will crash and burn.


With the launch of the Google Panda Algorithm early in 2011, we saw search in a whole new light. It was Google’s major leap into delivering the right type of search results to users. Google Panda immediately started separating good content from bad and with the subsequent updates to Panda during the year we learned Google was serious about “Quality Organic Content”.


Old school SEO tactics included keywords and links. The more keywords and the more links you had in your content the better ranking you had on SERP. Post Panda, Google told us that keywords were still important, as were backlinks, but that quality organic content, and towards the end of 2011 “Social Signal” were just as important to today’s SEO.


Google isn’t playing. They are dead serious when it comes to delivering the best search results to its users. They are getting better and smarter at figuring out what the user wants and how to get it to them. Now Google’s focus is “Over-optimization”. That’s right, they will penalize you if you think you can be slick and throw in a massive amount of keywords and create content only from your keyword list.

The intent for Google is to level out the playing field, to give the small business without the massive marketing budget, a chance to compete in SEO without having to spend as much money. Consequently, the search results will become better as well, being that SEO shops would over optimize content for large business, and the first page of search results may not be what the user was looking for anyway.


If you create content or have a firm hired to handle your marketing make sure you follow this checklist so you won’t be penalized:

  1. Your content must be organic – YOU must create quality organic content, do not copy someone else’s work or clone your original piece over and over.
  2. Content by the masses – Yes, a lot of content must be created. Also, content created to be helpful to the user. Your content must serve a purpose and be about topics people want to read.
  3. Keyword Balance – Your content must toe the line in keyword usage. Use the right amount of keywords to fulfill SEO purpose, but not to the point that the keyword phrases are every other word. Google will discredit your content.
  4. Link Building – Internal links and external links. Internal to pages in your website and external to other websites with relevant information. This will create the trigger for other businesses to link to your content.
  5. Social Signal – Your business must be sharing your content across every social community possible and encourage your fans/followers to share your content too. Google will recognize your content as more important and rank it higher in search results.

If you follow this checklist with your content creation, you should be safe from Google and Bing’s wrath, but heed our warning that search engines will continue to separate the men from the boys.

Content Marketing is the future of search. If your budget will not allow an in-house staff to manage this for you, you must align yourself with someone who can. If you have already hired an SEO firm or a marketing firm and they are not talking with you regularly about the world of search, contact JASE. Partner with a proven winner and we’ll help you realize your goals.

SEO CARTOONimage credit: seoz87 on flickr


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