ATT TV commercialThe AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” TV advertising campaign has captured the attention of TV audiences since its initial release in November 2012.

In living rooms and offices across the country people continue to talk about the ads, which feature various groups of energetic, smart and extremely adorable children of different ages and a very straight-forward adult interviewer.

The campaign was created to focus on AT&T’s features and services by asking simple questions to the children. Here are examples of some of the questions:

Which is better, doing two things at once or just the one?

What’s better, faster or slower?

What’s better, bigger or smaller?

Who thinks more is better than less?

The children’s responses are hilarious! Their answers include everything from chants of “we want more, we want more,” math problems multiplying infinity, and my personal favorite, a grandma with a cheetah taped to her back.  The ads quickly remind you that viewers love that “kids say the darndest things.”

It’s clear that the advertising campaign was successful. Between the period of December 27- January 2, AT&T was the most Tweeted-brand with 11,600 tweets. The advertising campaign continues to garner the attention of viewers, all based on mostly unscripted conversations with kids.

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image credit: by ShareATT on YouTube

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