Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the US Department of Transportation’s Networking For Transportation Event at the ODU Business Gateway. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet with many local businesses and large contractors who work in the transportation space in Hampton Roads.

Prime Contractors in attendance included:

Many local businesses and contractors were able to meet with these large prime contractors to network future partnerships on active projects in the Hampton Roads area. I was able to speak one-on-one with many businesses about B2B advertising and public relations.

In the construction industry, many contractors face design-build projects issued from government entities or private owners. The increasing preference towards design-build projects makes B2B advertising important for contractors. Contractors should make a portion of their websites an online portfolio and a medium to communicate their skills and expertise. This is just one way that B2B marketing helps them gain access to general contractors. When general contractors are creating these design-build proposals and they are looking for sub-contractors or partners, they will be able to find these contractors’ websites and easily vet their qualifications and abilities.

Also, public relations in construction projects are playing a much larger role than in years past. Massive projects, like highway expansions, require PR strategies to handle all the communications with government agencies, municipalities, media, and any other sources during the completion of the project.

Many thanks to the ODU Business Gateway for a well-planned expo.

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