Client Summary

download the JASE Client Case Study: Tape Rental Library – TRLOnlineAudioQueue is an online audio rental service that specializes in business titles, training materials, and popular titles. AudioQueue’s clients include both business users who subscribe as a part of a company to hone their management or sales skills, and individual users who subscribe to take advantage of AudioQueue’s library of family help books, religious titles, and popular books. For a flat monthly fee, users are allowed to have out either a set number of disks or a set number of titles at any given time, depending on their subscription level.

Project Background

The AudioQueue website was originally created using a third party content management system written in ASP.NET and uses a SQL Server backend. The site makes copious use of ASP.NET user controls (.ascx files), which allow the same control – such as a credit card form – to be used in multiple places.

The end-user front end allows users to subscribe to the service, view available titles, and maintain a queue of tapes and CDs. The site interfaces with a third party APIs for credit card processing, email, and other functions. The content management system provides AudioQueue staff with the ability to add titles to the library and fill orders. Automated SQL Server jobs govern billing and assigning copies of titles for shipment.

Challenges, Solutions, and Ongoing Development

JASE has provided numerous enhancements for AudioQueue, including increased speed performance, improvements to the billing process, and custom signup pages for individual customers.

One of our new features was an automated report, which informs AudioQueue personnel of any errors that happened on the site, any billing discrepancies, or any users who have not been sent their full complement of CDs. This report gives AudioQueue the tools they need to rapidly address problems – before the customer complains.

JASE is currently working to create a new version of the site, which offers the familiar look and feel, but from a more updated interface.

Results & Projections

JASE’s work for AudioQueue has provided their users with a faster and better user experience.

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