Client Summary

download the JASE Client Case Study: Tape Rental Library – TRLOnlineTape Rental Library, Inc. is an online audio and video rental service that specializes in business titles and training materials. TRL’s clients include companies from a diverse group of industries and their service is used by salespeople, managers, and other professionals. TRL offers both a standard catalog, as well as custom titles for individual customers or departments.

Project Background

The TRL Online website was created using ASP classic and has a SQL Server backend. It has a front end allowing users to order materials from the library and a CMS (content management system) used by customers to customize their catalog and by TRL staff to maintain the database and fill orders.

Challenges, Solutions, and Ongoing Development

JASE has provided enhancements for TRL, including on-demand downloadable audio, integration with third party content suppliers and with customer ordering systems, and customizable catalog display options.

In our integration with a third party provider of digital content, we developed a NET application, which runs nightly to download the content provider’s database, import it into the TRL database, and offer TRL personnel a list of updated titles, which they may approve or reject.

JASE is currently working to create a new .NET version of the website, which offers the familiar look and feel, but from a more updated interface. This .NET version will provide enhanced security and allow TRL to better support individual users.

Results & Projections

JASE’s work for TRL has enabled TRL to market their services to a wider variety of customers and has provided TRL users with a better user experience.

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