Client Summary

download the JASE Client Case Study: The Dragas CompaniesThe Dragas Companies is a nationally recognized, award-winning developer of condominium communities and affordable homes in southeastern Virginia. Founded in 1968, the company has developed more than 35 condo communities in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, helping more than 5,000 owners and their families realize the dream of home ownership.

Project Background

The Dragas Companies contracted JASE to be its Digital Agency of Record. JASE is responsible, in conjunction with the Dragas marketing and sales teams, for their inbound marketing and traditional and online advertising campaigns. JASE also provides technical support for the website and supporting software.

Challenges, Solutions, and Ongoing Development

JASE has provided enhancements for the Dragas online presence with a new website, social media marketing, and PPC advertising. The challenge presented to JASE was to infuse traditional outbound marketing strategies with leading edge inbound marketing initiatives and to provide a measurement of dollars spent versus sales conversions.

The solution has been to develop strategies that effectively blend necessary traditional advertising mediums and incorporate important analytical inbound marketing techniques.

JASE will continue to develop progressive advertising and marketing campaigns that will facilitate lead generation and ultimately new sales for The Dragas Companies.

Results & Projections

JASE’s inbound and outbound marketing strategies have done a successful job of creating and enhancing The Dragas Companies’ online presence. With the use of the JASE Marketing Manager, it has allowed The Dragas Companies to effectively manage the increase in lead generation, as well as efficiently distribute leads to its sales teams. This process has assisted in increasing and measuring The Dragas Companies’ sales closing rates.

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