Twitter Milestone For JASE Digital Media - What's Your Social Media Doing For You?

JASE Digital Media hit a social media milestone this week, 6,000 tweets. We feel proud of this accomplishment and think it is a testament to the power of social media. We adopted Twitter early on into our social media strategy, joining May 30, 2007, and have never looked back. The content of our 6,000th tweet, recognizing one of our creative advertising clients for a new advertising initiative roll out, is just symbolic of Twitter’s effectiveness for our inbound marketing strategy.

Our longevity as a Twitter user has been due to the social media community’s capability to distribute valuable information to masses and increased ability to two-way communicate with our social friends. The fact that our milestone tweet’s content was about one of our clients as they rolled out a new advertising campaign just illustrates the usefulness of Twitter. JASE has over 6,4oo followers that receive instantaneous content from us. No need to search, just a little description and a link and quality information is right at your finger tips. You, the user, can decide what you want to do with that information.

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