Electronic patient records are a helpful tool for a medical practice. The question that is most asked of JASE is, “Can my medical practice use electronic patient records?” This is the beauty of the JASE EPR system; it is adaptable to fit any medical practice. Mental health? Yep. General practice? Yep. Specialty practice? That too.  You name the field and the JASE EPR system can work for you.

Your staff and patients will immediately appreciate the benefits of using the JASE EPR web-based cloud system. Our user-friendly Electronic Patient Records toolset stands out in a marketplace dominated by expensive, complicated and ineffective EPR systems. JASE’s 15-year track record of developing successful, efficient software shines through with this easy-to-use productive system that you will love from the start.

Another great feature of the JASE EPR system is that it is developed in portals. Meaning that JASE’s electronic patient records system gives your medical office flexibility. Maybe you are looking for a toolset to help your providers? Try the JASE EPR Clinical Portal. Maybe your front office needs a better management toolset? Try the JASE EPR Front Office Portal. Maybe you want to offer your patients more options with your medical practice? The JASE EPR Patient Portal can do that.

To find out more about the JASE EPR system and what it can do for your medical practice, contact a JASE EPR sales associate today. Have a doctor friend that you think should see this? Please feel free to share this article.

handshakeimage credit: MrSchuReads on flickr

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