Patient information, diagnostic profiles & treatment options at your fingertips.

Providers and clinicians have the ability to maintain patient records, track & prescribe medication, run diagnostic and treatment assessments, communicate with patients, view compliance progress and send lab results, all from your laptop or iPad.

The JASE EPR Clinical Portal gives doctors complete access to information and the tools they need to increase efficiency, increase accuracy, and see more patients.

The main features of the JASE EPR Clinical Portal are:


  • Patient Records
  • Patient Health History
  • Prescribe & Track Medications
  • Provider Appointment Scheduler
  • Secure Patient, Provider & Staff Messaging System
  • Scan & Upload Medical Documents
  • Handwritten & Voice Notes Translation


  • Ask-a-Doc Management
  • Standard Treatment Plan Templates
  • Preloaded Diagnoses and Codes
  • Diagnostic Profiles
  • Send Lab Results in Real-time
  • HIPAA Compliance Tracking
  • Licensing Compliance Tracking
  • Medicaid & Medicare Compliance Tracking

To find out more on how your medical practice can benefit from the technology of the JASE EPR Clinical Portal, contact a JASE EPR sales associate today. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

iPad in handimage credit: Danny Choo on flickr

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