Our world is constantly evolving into a more digital one. With our advancements in technology we have been allowed the opportunity to maximize our efficiency.

JASE EPR is one of those advancements in technology and it can maximize your medical practice.

With JASE Electronic Patient Records and our three portals your medical practice can have the tools necessary to increase your efficiency and maximize your practice. Our portals cut down on paper work and increase doctor/provider time, which allows them the ability to see more patients.

With the Patient Portal, new patients can fill out forms and provide medical histories. Current patients can access their information and request appointments. The patient portal can also be setup with a waiting room kiosk, which provides those patients without internet access to the same information and services.

The Front Office Portal gives your front office staff the ability to access patient records, scan in new documents, bill insurance, and schedule appointments. The scheduling feature of the Front Office Portal can even integrate with your appointment reminders, stream lining process and minimizing missed patient appointments.

The Clinical Portal allows doctors/providers the opportunity to access patient records, take notes, and write prescriptions all from an iPad or preferred tablet. No need to locate extensive files or transfer notes as they all can be done in your hands with a tablet.

Lastly, with a JASE Healthcare Website all the features can be tied in seamlessly and your medical practice can have a quality online presence for your patients.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab In Handimage credit: liewcf on flickr

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