Efficiency is the name of the game and the JASE EPR system passes the efficiency test with flying colors. Our system is built in the cloud to ensure that your staff remains online and efficient at all times, day or night, 24/7.

We are always online. Which means you have access to your electronic patient records at all times in a secure manner. No software installs to worry. No managing updates and maintaining hardware to fret. Your secure online account, which can be accessed from your office, from an exam room with a patient or from the front desk of your medical office, instantly opens your JASE EPR dashboard for managing your practice and your patients.

The most advanced encryption technology and security measures are utilized for JASE EPR connections. And because JASE EPR is web-based, your dashboard is accessed by a simple browser window from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari from your desktop computer, laptop or iPad. Wherever you are on the Internet, you can access the JASE EPR system easily.

To find out more about the JASE EPR system and how it can work for your medical practice, contact a JASE EPR sales associate today.

Cloudsimage credit: karindalziel on flickr

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