Anyone who has visited the JASE Group website in the last 48 hours has noticed that it looks different. The look is different because we just completed an entire redesign of our website. The website redesign was not just focused on bringing a fresh new look to our online presence, that was accomplished, but to redesign the future of marketing and advertising. Inbound marketing is the future of marketing strategies and our new campaign “inbound, unbound.” is just the vehicle to take us there.

We are in the midst of an evolution of marketing and advertising principles and for JASE to better serve its clients. This website redesign was integral to our future success. Our aspiration was to better illustrate JASE’s core principles and to better educate potential clients on how inbound marketing will take their business to the next level.

Along with a new visual display, some of the other new features found on the redesigned JASE website include:

  • A comprehensive description of our core focuses: Inbound Marketing, Creative Advertising, Technology, and Social Community.
  • Enriching Content Integration: our blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more.
  • JASE University – A new way to educate the world on inbound marketing, creative advertising, and supporting technologies. JASE University is a cloud based system, giving users access to our educational information anytime and anywhere they need it.
  • Simplified navigation for easy-to-find tips on successful business practices.

The website redesign process was the first step of many, for JASE, in our goal of bringing the new age of marketing and advertising to the masses. In the near future we will begin to unveil our new advertising campaign “inbound, unbound.” and educate the world on how a properly developed inbound marketing strategy, combined with creative advertising, leading edge technology, and the right infusion of social media can take a business to levels never seen before – putting that business at the top of its class. Stay tuned!

image credit: JASE Group

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