A new year is a fresh opportunity to refocus personal, professional and company goals. As you strategize for the coming year, think about these five PR New Year’s resolutions: be concise, get creative,  know your audience, more visuals and be proactive. Below are a just a few simple tips from JASE Group team to assist you and your team with reorganizing your PR strategy.

 JASE Group’s PR New Year’s Resolution Suggestions
  1. Focus on concise writing. Focus on crafting messages that are brief (easy grabs for social media and short attention spans) and to the point.
  2. Find creative avenues for your PR campaigns. Move past always using the traditional press release, seek out niche bloggers and social media trendsetters to reach your target audience.
  3. Know your audience. In every industry, there are certain trends that are of-the-moment. Stay current with your audience’s interests and focus your pitches around those trends.
  4. More photos and videos please. Use visuals to tell your story. Studies show that incorporating photos and videos into email marketing, social media campaigns and blog post increase click and open rates.
  5. Be proactive, not reactive. Handling last-minute deadlines and crisis situations are always going to be PR challenges. However, its important to have a communications plan in place and to set aside time daily to focus on your organization’s PR goals.

What are your PR New Year’s resolutions for 2013?  Share your thoughts below. JASE Group, offers diversified public relations services. Contact us for your next PR campaign.

2013image credit: evalottchen on Flickr

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