Writing a blog article can be fairly straightforward. Blogs allow you a forum to express your opinion or distribute information, but what happened when your hard work goes more unnoticed than you would hope? Why do some articles get more interaction, in terms of likes, comments, and shares, than other articles?

There are several areas that make up the foundation of a good blog article. We are going to take the opportunity to show you what they are so that the next time you create a blog post it will have the best chance to go viral and have a high social signal.

JASE’s Tips For Creating A Successful Blog Post
  1. Your blog post should have one topic – Blog readers have a short attention span. Articles that vary from topic to topic will lose the reader’s attention. Cover the main topic at hand and if your topic covers multiple parts of one large topic, break the article into a series.
  2. Your blog post should be helpful – Blog readers want to be helped. Generally a blog reader is looking for a how-to article or a review of products and services, but opinion and information articles can be helpful to readers as well. Make sure your blog post is serving a purpose.
  3. Your blog post should have a goal – Writing a blog post must be helpful for your reader but it must also serve a purpose for you. Whether you want the reader to click a link, sign up for something, or just encourage feedback and comments, adding a call-to-action at the bottom of the article can help you, the writer, accomplish your goal.
  4. Your blog post should be formatted correctly – Poor layout and minimal attractiveness will deter readers from viewing your content. Using heading tags and paragraph spacing can help make the content easier to read.
  5. Your blog post title should be attractive – When you create a blog post, the title is almost as important as the content of the post. The title must have keywords so it can be found by the search engines, but must also be witty and clever so the reader will want to read.
  6. Your blog post tags should be thorough – Every blog post you create gives you an opportunity to post the keywords associated with your article. These “post tags” must be complete. For every post tag you enter a web page is created with a link to your content. If you have enough posts about a particular keyword then your content will move up in search result rankings.
  7. You should help your blog post drive its social signalSocial signal is import in today’s search engine. The more people interact with your post the higher social signal it will have. You can help boost your social signal by sharing your content in your social communities in the hopes your friends will share it too.

You work hard to create content for your blog. Following these tips will help ensure you are getting me maximum result for your work.

Have more tips that should be on our list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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