A successful medical practice begins with a professional brand. When your patients know your medical practice’s brand power and they trust in your name, they grow to depend on you.

Your doctor’s office website is the perfect place to communicate with your patients and others searching for the services you provide. Your online presence makes it easy for your patients and for potential patients to learn about your medical practice and give you the edge over the competition. The power of a JASE Healthcare website provides your medical practice with a creative design template, a content manager and application plugins to keep your website more efficient than the medical practice across town.

With a JASE Healthcare Website, you get:

Professional Design Templates

Choose from a gallery of creatively designed templates to brand your practice on the Internet. Impress your visitors with a custom logo, professional photography, staff profiles and the latest news from your office.

Easy to use Content Manager

Use the JASE EPR content manager to control the objects on your website from the front desk of your office. Adding and editing text, photos and videos is as easy as using Microsoft Word. No technical skills required.

Powerful Application Plugins

To engage with patients, impressive application plugins can be added that are perfect for displaying videos and photos on your website. Blog about your practice, show interactive maps and directions, and allow your patients to submit appointment requests.

To learn more about the branding power of a JASE Healthcare website and why your patients will grow to trust your medical practice, contact a JASE EPR sales associate today. Walk hand in hand with your patients with a JASE Healthcare website. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

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