JASE Guest Comments

One thing we consistently hear from restaurant owners is how they are tired of erroneous and trolling comments/reviews about their restaurant on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. They’re tired because these reviews are incorrect if not downright slanderous and the restaurant owners have no control.

When we created out JASE Restaurant Marketing System, we did so with the aim to be able to help all of our restaurant friends with their marketing and online presence, but one area where we have taken it a step farther is with our Guest Comments App. Backed by our proven JASE Office technology, we have created a software app that allows restaurant owners to take control of the conversation once again.

With the Guest Comments App, you get the review when the opportunity is the highest, right at the dinner table as the check arrives. Your happy customers are more likely to fill out a positive review while they are still experiencing it. This empowers you to reward loyal customers and share the good news with people on your website and social communities. It couldn’t be easier for a business owner.

Once the setup and installation is complete, the Guest Comments App works by itself. All it takes is a couple of steps to start controlling the conversation.

  1. Sign up for the Guest Comments App.
  2. We deliver the tablets, with your restaurant branded software, to your restaurant.
  3. Have your staff deliver a tablet with the bill for the table.
  4. Sit back and let your patrons fill out reviews, right there at their table.
  5. Access your Guest Comments dashboard and process the review by responding to the reviewer, posting to your restaurant’s social communities, or any other number of cool features.

To find our more about our JASE Office toolset, head on over to jaseoffice.com. See you there!


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