It is easy to buy into hype. Peer pressure, as juvenile as it sounds, is a controlling force in the world of business. If you see a group of business peers doing something, there is a natural tendency to follow in line and get on board. Unfortunately, this can be a 50/50 situation. Sometimes it is good to get on board with rest of the world and sometimes it is better to forge your own path.

That being said, Facebook has recently released an updated and more powerful Ad targeting tool to better increase ad campaigns for their advertisers. It is a great asset for Facebook advertisers as you can target your consumer in numerous ways that were previously not available to Facebook advertisers. The goal for Facebook of course is to increase their Ad revenue. There is no doubt that by launching this powerful tool many previous Facebook advertisers could be compelled to come back to Facebook advertising.

JASE’s warning to potential Facebook advertisers

Don’t assume what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Do your research, know your target demographic, and know when to step away. Even doing all the research possible may not tell you that your Facebook Ad campaign will or won’t be successful, but you need to know when to walk away. Some industries can thrive in Facebook advertising and if your target audience lives there, it makes all the sense to invest heavily into Facebook advertising. For others, it can be a misapplication of your marketing budget to advertise with Facebook for an extended period of time. We have clients that are successful in their Facebook advertising campaigns and we have clients that even though they generate an acceptable number of click-throughs, the quality lead generation is not there. Knowing your industry, doing your research, and knowing your target audience will help curb the setbacks that occur following the masses.

Does your business have a Facebook advertising success story? Share it with us below. Are you thinking about getting into Facebook advertising? Talk with JASE today and let us help you maximize your ROI. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

Facebook Ad Creationimage credit: JASE Group on flickr


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