All small business owners know that the hardest time for your startup is usually within the first year of opening your business. reported that in the first two years of a new business, three out of every ten startups die.

A recent article featuring recommendations from the U.S. Small Business Administration stated 5 key steps to surviving the first year of a start-up:

  • Talk to your customers and do the market research: Offer the right price into the right market.
  • Location, location, location:  Make sure your website and retail location bring in traffic.
  • Save where you can: Keep your expenses low.
  • Plan for roadblocks: Think about all things that could go wrong and plan for them.
  • Analyze the numbers: Take note of where you are financially and note where the business is headed.
Marketing your business is the best way to increase sales. A focused marketing campaign can save you time and money.

A well researched and well planned marketing campaign can increase sale leads for your small business and jump start growth for your company. Understanding your target market and the best marketing tools to use to reach your audience makes a difference in the energy, money and time spent to grow your small business.

A JASE Inbound Marketing plan is different from others as it encompasses advertising/marketing budget planning and execution, lead generation and nurturing, sales closings and then re-engagement planning. Without just one of these critical efforts, an inbound marketing plan could fail. The advantage of using a JASE inbound marketing plan in the first years of your business will be apparent when you analyze the money saved in your marketing budget and the growth of your business as a result of sales leads from consumers who are truly interested in your product, business and brand.

Give your small business a fair start with an investment in JASE Inbound Marketing. Contact JASE for a free JASE Inbound Marketing Assessment to get started. Become just as passionate about sales and revenue for your business as you are about realizing the goal of owning your own business.

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