Think about the two-year-olds that you know in your life. If they are like the two-year-olds that I know I am sure they are amazing little people. With limited attention spans, they are easily excited and just as easily distracted. Similar to two-year-olds, reporters and bloggers also have limited attention spans. On a weekly basis, reporters are bombarded with hundreds of media releases. For a PR professional half of the battle of getting a media release noticed is capturing the attention of their market’s reporters. To ensure that your company’s media release doesn’t go directly to the delete box, focus on the following key media release aspects:

A Shiny Headline

Two-year-olds like shiny things and so do reporters. The story that you want to share is probably really important, but if your headline doesn’t captivate the reader then they will never read it. Your headline should be creative and capture the target audience’s interest. Headlines should be short, 5-7 words if possible and to the point. Give them just enough information to grab their attention and include supporting details in the body of the release.

Stay Focused

With a two-year-old if you take too long to get to the point you will lose them. Its the same with reporters. Stay on topic and get to the point. Your release should be like a road map. You have the starting point – the headline, the journey – supporting paragraphs and the destination – the call-to-action. With a quick scan of your release a reporter should be able to determine the point of your release and why its relevant to their audience.

Never Interrupt Naptime

Everyone knows that if you interrupt a toddler during nap time the results won’t be pretty. Similarly, if a release isn’t strategically sent it is less likely to be seen. Stay away from sending releases on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays are bad because most people spend the morning catching up and clearing out their inbox. Fridays are bad because people mentally and physically checkout in anticipation of the weekend. Focus on sending releases Tuesdays through Thursdays, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

The media release is a tried and true tool used by the PR professional. However, if not strategically crafted the media release can be a waste of time and effort. JASE Group, offers diversified public relations services. Contact us for your next PR campaign.

Toddler on Computerimage credit: Phrenologist on Flickr

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