Shoe Dazzle, a two-year old start-up company started by Kim Kardashian and others, provides women with shoes and other accessories for $39.95 a month based on their answers to a style assessment. The company’s business model was unique and beneficial for women who didn’t have time to shop and follow fashion trends that are constantly changing.

The company name and product focused on shoes. Commercials with Kim Kardashian featured her wearing the company’s high-end shoes and social media advertisements featured various pairs of shoes available from the company. That all will change.

The company is changing their entire business model, no longer selling just shoes and accessories. ShoeDazzle will now sell clothing and lingerie. Their customers will also be able to purchase products as needed, avoiding the monthly fees.

So what will the results be?

ShoeDazzle is hoping to increase their current customer count of 10 million to many more by offering a monthly suggestion of an entire outfit rather than just accessories. Their brand has been to provide quality accessories at a great price that matches their consumer’s style.

Change happens and sometimes it is good.

For all the men struggling with the shoe and shopping talk, here is the takeaway for your business. Often you may have to change your business model to offer more to your consumers or to specialize what you offer to a more specific group. Those changes may affect your brand strategy. Try and remember what made your brand strong throughout your brand development stage and continue to rely on the strength of your company’s brand.

Keys to enhancing your brand even during change:

  • Focus on the emotions your brand evokes from your consumer.
  • Rely on the strong points of your brand that are specific to your brand and will remain even during change.
  • Make sure your consumers can trust your brand and depend on your brand, even during the transition.
  • Engage with your consumers to make sure your brand strategy is strong; it may also need to be revised.

For ShoeDazzle, consumers will want to know that they will still be provided with trendy fashion options that fit their style and budget. If the company changes and forgets those key elements of their brand they will lose their customer base.

If you are making changes to your company or simply getting started and need help with brand development or brand management, JASE can create a brand strategy to fit your needs. Contact JASE to create a strong brand, one that is recognized and trusted by your consumers. Happy shopping!

Classic Black Pumpimage credit: Markusram on flickr

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