Landing pages are a “buzzword” term that many business owners have heard but maybe are not fully aware of their capability. Landing pages are an integral part of your sales process and your inbound marketing strategy and require some understanding so that they can be used effectively.

JASE’s Top 4 Reasons Landing Pages Work
  1. Landing pages help increase sales conversionEvery business wants to increase sales conversion on their sales leads. Using a landing page can help. Landing pages should be designed to be focused on your particular product or service. This design aspect increases the familiarity with the potential customer, making them feel like you are directly speaking to them. The leads that are generated through your landing page should be more qualified, which in turn, help increase your sales conversion.
  2. Landing pages help track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns –  By custom tailoring your landing pages with corresponding advertising campaigns you can track the effectiveness of each campaign because you drive traffic to your landing page. If a landing page for one advertising campaign medium is generating more leads than the landing page for a different advertising medium, then you would be able to better determine where your potential customers are.
  3. Landing pages are a 24/7 lead generator – Most times a small business cannot afford to man a 24/7 call center to answer potential customer questions. Using a custom tailored landing page with information about your product gives potential customers a 24/7 resource to find out about your product before purchase.
  4. Landing pages help expand your customer database – Combined with JASE Marketing Manager or any other CRM software, when a potential customer fills out your landing page webform, it adds to your contact database. This allows you to market and develop relationships with potential customers that can lead to more sales for your business.
Landing Page Design

Below is an example of a landing page we designed for one of our clients. Note the webform, front and center in the design, making it easier for leads to contact you. Note the copy, the text is specific to the product, providing key information that potential customers. Note the lack of top level navigation, designed to focus the potential customers attention on the important information.

Landing pages are a valuable tool to your inbound marketing strategy. Want to learn more about the power of landing pages and how they can help your business? Contact JASE today and let us help you.

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