Apparently Apple’s iPhone 4S was the phone to have this fall. According to Nielsen’s latest report, 44.5% of people polled said they chose an Apple iPhone over any other smartphone, compared to just 25.1% in October of 2011. In addition 57% of new iPhone users said the purchased an iPhone 4S.

Android still holds the market share with 46.3% of all smartphones, even after the latest surge from Apple with the iPhone 4S. Another interesting figure from Nielsen’s report was that 46% of US mobile consumers had smartphones and that 60% of those who purchased a new phone in Q4 purchased a smartphone over a feature phone.

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Apple iPhone 4Simage credit: tenz1225 on flickr


  1. samboycott

    This report is just fake. How can some one judge a basic gadget and its popularity in one country. iphone 4s was a much awaited phone but it could not attract much because of its black pricing and worst customer services. The Indian subcontinent has not entertained it after knowing its price, chine has boycott it, any many European countries have ignored it, since European nations do not entertain Apple products, so how can iphone be a most popular phone, it may be popular for its negative impacts but not a good popular phone. Iphone makers are knowingly insulting their products with such fake reports.

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