Small business owners all come across a similar problem. That problem is how to manage your leads once they are generated. Maybe you have one salesman (maybe it’s yourself), maybe you have a team of sales people that you have to keep track of. This process can become tedious, time consuming, and all together inefficient.

If you face multiple daily leads, making sure they get to a member of the sales staff, making sure they are attended to, and making sure you distribute them evenly to your sales team can have a negative effect on your business if they are not handled properly. Time is of the essence in business and delays in contacting potential customers may lead to that potential customer going elsewhere and you losing business.

Considering that we are a small business we were faced with that same challenge here at JASE. Our inbound marketing strategies and methods are constantly generating leads for company as well as our clients. The big issue that we repeatedly ran into and heard from our clients was how to manage lead generation. We looked for software that could handle contact management, lead assignment, lead status management, and be in an affordable package. Our search came up empty, so we decided the best thing we could do would be to develop the inbound marketing software ourselves, and custom tailor it to what we and our clients needed.

The resulting software solution is the JASE Marketing Manager. The new inbound marketing toolset has been a real asset for us and our clients. Today we are able to seamlessly manage our leads, as they are created, without hassle or huge time investment. The return on our investment has been our ability to focus our efforts elsewhere. Let us show you how the JMM inbound marketing software can benefit your small business.

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