Small Business Lead Generation Management Software Can Be A Great Investment For Your Business

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day, he owns a small business like us but in another industry, and we were talking shop. We were both talking about how business is still tough and about some of the common struggles we share. He started talking about lead generation management as one of his problem areas and what steps he has had to take to fix it. See, he has a plan in place for follow ups on leads that are generated, that if followed, gives him a 60% successful conversion rate on that lead, but his conversion rate was no where near that close. So naturally of course I asked him what is happening and he explained that his sales team was losing contact with leads because there was no successful plan in place to manage all the leads that are generated.

So he started to look around for software to manage his leads and he finally settled on one, I wish he would have asked me first, but it got me thinking about how we went through that same issue here at JASE a couple of years ago, and the steps we took to fix it.

As with any small business we are dependent on capturing every lead we can, but when we started to look for software available to us to manage our leads we just were not happy with the products we had at the time. So being that “e-business solutions” is one of our focus areas of our company, we are we decided to make one of our own, that catered to our needs and gave us everything we needed to effectively manage our sales team.

JASE Marketing Manager was the software we developed and it has been a life saver for us as a small business. With this software we make sure we get to every lead and we can track and follow up with these leads and it have been as productive of a tool that we use on a daily basis in our company. Finding effective lead management software for your business will be an important in taking your business to the next level.

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