Every social media network has its niche audience and LinkedIn has captured the business community. The network is a great place to find employment, converse with peers in your industry and career based organizations.

Like Facebook, LinkedIn provides businesses with an opportunity to create profiles and engage with employees and other stakeholders. A new feature from LinkedIn will allow companies to send messages to a targeted group of followers.

Similar to marketing efforts your company does to reach a target market of consumers, LinkedIn will now give companies the opportunity to make sure their messages are reaching the correct audience.

The feature is called Targeted Updates, and allows the user to provide relevant information to the correct people. LinkedIn also provides analytics which helps companies determine the return on their efforts within the network.

The target audience is determined by employee status, industry, function or role, seniority, demographics and more. The options are all displayed on tabs as you prepare to update your message.

To find out more information about LinkedIn’s changes and LinkedIn for companies watch the video created by LinkedIn below.

The new feature is simple, but very necessary. Is your company on LinkedIn?  Let JASE know what you think about the new feature below in the comments. 

LinkedIn Penimage credit: by TheSeafarer on flickr

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