LinkedIn went public yesterday with huge anticipation for it’s early results from its IPO. There was a lot of speculation as to exactly how the market would react to LinkedIn’s initial public offering, primarily to serve as a barometer for what many felt is to be a wave of “internet IPO’s” such as Facebook, Groupon, or Zynga.

The day delivered as expected as shares of LinkedIn’s stock started at $45 dollars and closed at $94.25 per share, an increase of over 100%. But even with the individual success of today, it did very little to sure up the stock market as many analysts predicted it would.

The success of today also moved LinkedIn into some exclusive territory as the company was valued at $8.9 billion dollars, vaulting it into the list of the top 500 largest companies in the United States. Combine the results of yesterday’s events with the fact that in 2011 LinkedIn went over the 100 million member mark, LinkedIn has quite a head of steam moving forward.

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image credit: LinkedIn on flickr

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