LinkedIn is getting a makeover that includes more pictures and the information that users want to see. The new homepage is only available to handfuls of users and will continue to roll out to more users over the next few weeks.

While the current changes are solely for the LinkedIn homepage the changes are expected to make a big difference for the more than 160 million users that are currently networking on the business-focused social media network.

LinkedIn is a great place to find employment and converse with peers in your industry and career based organizations.

Over the past few months LinkedIn has had its share of news. In June the website was hacked causing users to question the security of the social media network. The issue was quickly resolved when LinkedIn added additional precautions.

Use LinkedIn to engage with your consumers

The new additions to LinkedIn will make your business’ page appeal to more users so now is a great time to join LinkedIn and reach a different type of consumer.

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LinkedInimage credit: by tychay on flickr

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