Mac Preview Signature Capture Makes Signing Documents Easier
Mac Preview Signature Capture Makes Signing Documents Easier

Apple’s new OS X Lion has one new feature that we think is pretty cool and will make signing documents easier than ever before. OS X Lion comes with a new version of Preview, it’s popular image and document reader which has a new feature, signature capture mode.

Just sign a piece of paper, make sure your signature lines up with the blue line on the display screen, and then it’s captured by the computer to be saved for future use. Signing documents, like PDF’s, are easier than ever before, with this new feature. In the past most people had to resort to printing out the document, signing it, and scanning it back in to the computer to email back to the originator. No longer is this long process necessary.

New gadgets like these are huge time-savers for businesses. What tools do your businesses use to be more efficient? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know.

image credit: Chris Rawson on Tuaw

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