Saturdays here in Hampton Roads are perfect days for a shopping trip to MacArthur Center in Norfolk. To be honest, any day is a perfect day to take a shopping trip to MacArthur, but I digress. On one particular Saturday Thomas Elliot Cramer and his team from Chill Hill Media conducted a social experiment to see if they could convince mall goers that Thomas was a celebrity.

It didn’t take long before Cramer was signing autographs, taking pictures and being escorted through the mall by MacArthur security. A video filmed during the team’s excursion shows shots of tweets from those in the mall asking who he was and sharing that they had a chance to meet him.

Twitter and Social Media Lessons Learned From Pseudo Celebrities

Cramer proved two very important facts through his experiment. As a society we are obsessed with celebrity lifestyles. Also, Twitter users will share information with their followers even if they don’t know the validity of that information.

Social Media Lessons for Small Business:
  • Protect your brand by monitoring information on social media networks that pertain to your organization.
  • Engage with customers that have directly or indirectly asked questions about your company.
  • Stay active on social media networks and provide a lot of information to your consumers so they don’t have to ask question.

Social media networks provide a chance to engage in two-way communication with your consumers and numerous marketing opportunities. Contact JASE to create a social media marketing plan that will allow you to reach your target audience. Please check out the video and if your are in Norfolk, beware of Cramer, don’t let him ruin your shopping experience.

JASE Digital Media on Twitterimage credit: by JASEgroup on flickr


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