It is being reported that Maxim Magazine has laid off half of its staff due to struggling magazine sales over the last couple of years. Maxim magazine is struggling with its sales because of the shift from offline to online media.

The reality is many print subscriptions are struggling, especially newspapers, because a majority of publications that are available in print are available online. Consequently for print publications, most of the time the digital versions of the print subscriptions are free online. Compound that problem with the fact that print advertising is significantly more expensive than online marketing, print subscriptions are getting hit from both sides.

Where can a business advertise if print is disappearing?

If you have not already, your business should turn its marketing efforts to online channels. Not just online marketing alone because depending on your industry, print media can still be a viable advertising channel for you. Your business must adopt a JASE inbound marketing plan.

Why does a JASE inbound marketing plan work?

Many inbound marketing plans drive traffic to your company’s website from your business’ organic content that it creates and your business’ social communities. A JASE inbound marketing plan fuses traditional advertising with online advertising to create the optimum marketing plan. Then, because an inbound marketing plan returns your consumers to your website or blog, your business can measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How do you get started with inbound marketing? Contact JASE today for a free inbound marketing assessment. Let us help you figure what will be the right inbound marketing strategy for your business. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

Maxim Magazineimage credit: celikins on flickr

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