Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic childhood birthday party game. Blindfold the participant, spin them around and have them attempt to “pin the tail” on the donkey cut-out on the wall. It’s good laughs for all involved, but it can also represent your marketing initiatives if you cannot measure their effectiveness.

Marketing without measurability is pinning the tail on the donkey. Sometimes your marketing initiatives will work and you will pin the tail. In most other cases, your marketing initiatives will get you close to pinning the tail or it may not even put you on the donkey at all. The JASE Inbound Marketing model provides your small business measurability with its marketing initiatives.

How does the JASE Inbound Marketing model work?

The key to successful marketing is the ability to analyze your target audience and implement powerful creative advertising to bring in your new customer. All of your marketing initiatives through JASE are driven through custom tailored landing pages and captured in our JASE Marketing Manager toolset. This data we collect allows us to tell you everything you need to know about your potential customers and where to focus your marketing energy, and in the end, allows us to maximize your ROI.

Want to know more about the power of the JASE Inbound Marketing model? Contact us today and let’s talk about maximizing your business.

Counter balance weight scaleimage credit: dnnya17 on flickr

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