This is an eighth part in a series on ‘Getting the Most From Your Marketing Research’ from guest blogger Chris Bonney of Bonney & Company. Bonney & Company is a full-service marketing research firm, providing a full range of custom marketing research services to businesses, government agencies and organizations in the non-profit sector.

measure successBecause most organizations that sponsor research studies are anxious to get on with whatever it was that created the need for research in the first place, there is probably less evaluation of research studies than there should be. You know your research project was successful when:

  • Did you learn what you wanted to learn?
  • Did you learn what you need to know to be able to proceed on to your next step?
  • Was the researcher able to interpret the findings in a way that was clear and included actionable conclusions?
  • If the research was conducted to support marketing or other communications, do the findings allow you to talk more confidently and knowingly to your target audience?

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