This Week in Digital Media :: volume 14, issue 21

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Making Social Media a True Leads Channel for Your Business
You’ve heard the local social media “guru” talking about setting up your Facebook page. And you’ve heard the neighbor’s kid talk about kickin’ it on Twitter and Foursquare. You understand there are millions of people in social communities these days but one question still lingers in the back of your mind – What can social media do for my business? full article >>>

Do Men Rule Social Networking? Has the Tide Changed?
According to Google Ad Planner, men outnumber women in most of the major social communities. Let’s look at some numbers to see if your strategies may need to be re-evaluated. full article >>>

Women Rule Social Networking on Mobile Devices
Would it surprise you if current statistics show that women outnumber men for tweeting from their mobile devices? Let’s look at the numbers to see how this may affect your ad spending. full article >>>

Upcoming Digital Media Seminar
Don’t miss out on this 90 minute seminar that will focus on inbound marketing and creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to you.

Inbound marketing, sometimes called online marketing, is a concept that JASE has built a foundation upon that hinges on “content, content and more content” and how to create healthy inbound links to your website or blog.

In this seminar our CEO will talk about JASE’s experiences with inbound marketing and how it can work for you. You won’t want to miss this session. registration details >>>


  1. Techwatch

    For some sexist reason I do find it odd that women are the main users when it comes to twitter on mobile

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