Microsoft adCenter To Adjust Budgeting Interface

Microsoft adCenter is getting some much needed upgrades due to a bevy of complaints from users about its budgeting system.  According to Paul Corkery of Microsoft they will address the following issues this month:

  • Provide a clear set of budgeting options with predictable spending behaviors
  • Provide better control over budgets throughout the month
  • Better align with budgeting methods/options being used across the industry
  • Improve campaign data portability between ad platforms

Also, later this month Microsoft is going to remove the ability to set monthly budgets and the new budget option will be the daily option that most are familiar with.

Microsoft adCenter with these new fixes should be a viable PPC campaign toolset for online advertising. JASE currently hase clients running adCenter PPC campaigns and we are satisfied with the results, especially when compared to Facebook’s PPC campaigns.

Where are you spending your PPC dollars? Will these adjustments make it easier for you to use Microsoft adCenter? Tweet us @jasegroup with your thoughts or leave a comment below.

image credit: nialkennedy on flickr

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