An announcement like this is always good for our clients. When a media outlet can allow us the exposure to multiple advertising networks within the same search engine marketing maintenance console, we are happy to pass along these savings and efficiencies to our clients.

Full announcement from Microsoft Advertising

Today I’m happy to announce that the partnership we announced this past November, between Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo! is now fully operational and open for business. Starting this week, the Microsoft Media Network, AOL’s and Yahoo! Network Plus are leveraging real-time bidding (RTB) to offer advertising opportunities across all three networks’ premium, non-reserved, owned and operated display inventory.

This means that the Microsoft Media Network now provides marketers with flexible access to an even larger pool of high-quality inventory, and additional audience reach, beyond our own premium assets. For our advertiser and agency customers, we will continue to provide the high-quality audience they expect, and now we will be able to deliver at greater scale, and with greater ease.

This milestone for the Microsoft Media Network is enabled by the advanced technology and capabilities of our Microsoft Advertising Exchange, which we launched in March of 2011. Over the past year, we have been extremely pleased with the Exchange’s performance and the way it’s helped our customers efficiently access and utilize our inventory to build powerful solutions. We’ve seen rapid growth of the Exchange, which is now available in 15 markets globally and continues to ramp.

I want to thank Yahoo! and AOL for their partnership on this agreement, which took a concerted effort from all parties. We are confident that the digital media ecosystem will benefit from the opportunity to access premium inventory, across all three partner networks, at a scale that has never been available before.

Please contact your Microsoft Media Network account executive if you have questions on how you and your clients can benefit from this wonderful opportunity.


Daniel Sheinberg

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