Microsoft may have just flipped the tablet market on its head.

Last week Microsoft unveiled its new tablet, the Surface, and it caused people to stop in their tracks. The Surface tablet will have two operating systems. One version will be running on Windows RT and the other will be running on Windows 8 and will have full integration with Windows 8 PCs. This will be the first tablet produced internally by Microsoft, which is major news considering almost all other devices, except a couple like the Xbox, have been farmed out to other technology companies.

No details are available yet regarding price or release date, but take a look at this video to see more of the Surface tablet:

What do you think of the surface tablet? Will it become the primary business tablet? Leave us your thoughts below, we’d love to hear them. Think the Surface is pretty cool? Feel free to share this article.

Microsoft Surface Tabletimage credit: SpicaGames on flickr

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