Microsoft, you’re killing me. Yes, the Surface Phone looks awesome. The specs are nice. And yes, we loved our Lumia 925s. But why would you expect me to wait 3 years for a new phone?

Here are the rumor details from

  • The phone could be unveiled in October but will likely be unveiled in early 2016.
  • The phone will have a 5.5-inch AMOLED screen with 1440×2560 pixels, more than the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • In terms of RAM, the phone will have 4GB.
  • Storage options will start at 64GB and go up to 128GB.
  • Surface accessories, such as the Surface Pen, could be included.
  • The design could fit in with the Surface tablets: angular, metallic, solid.
  • The release date and price are as yet unknown.

Surface phone with keyboard

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