Twitter allows consumers to engage with your brand in two-way conversations. The engagement builds upon the relationship, while shaping your brand. Twitter is a simple social networking tool, that if used correctly, can place your brand in a good position competitively.

It’s also possible to make mistakes on Twitter that can negatively affect how your brand is perceived. Buffer, a blog filled with Twitter tips, created a list of 77 common Twitter mistakes. Many mistakes can be avoided if you understand how to clearly communicate your message.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid from the list of 77:

2.   You didn’t provide a link to your website or blog.

7.   You put an incorrect URL in your profile (you left out the “http://”).

10. If you’re a business, brand your Twitter page with your business graphics.

14. You’re not being active, not joining in. You connected your Twitter account and never updated it.

18. Don’t share links without context.

34. Tweets that start with a username are hidden from people that don’t follow you both. Don’t make a username the first thing in a tweet if you want everyone to see it.

35. If you write tweets over 120 characters long, someone who wants to retweet and add commentary won’t have enough room. Shorter is better.

44. Excessive self-promotion and bragging.

49. Not retweeting others’ content! It’s good karma.

66. Failing to take the time to listen to Twitter conversations before you jump in to promote your organization or cause.

Make sure to read the list of 77 Twitter tips. These steps can assist with your personal and business Twitter pages. Contact JASE to create a successful social media marketing plan.

77 Twitter Mistakesimage credit: by Leo Reynolds on flickr

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