Mobile App Development Should Be Carefully Considered For Filling A Need To Avoid The Mobile App Graveyard

Mobile apps are everywhere, over 500k for iOS, over 200k for Android, and on and on. There are mobile applications for every aspect of life and users flock to them like crazy; to the tune of 18 billion iOS downloads alone. Mobile applications are easier than ever to develop and because of that fact it has created a problem. How many of us, mobile device users, have dozens of applications on our devices that we do not use? The answer is most of us. We download an app because it looks cool or helpful but it gets banished to the back pages of our device after a couple of uses, never to be heard from again.


Many small business owners can fall into the trap of thinking they need to spend the money to develop a mobile app for their company, that it is the next piece of software to take the company into the future. Reality is, depending on the type of app that is developed for your company, it could be quite a costly expense to have it end up in a users app graveyard.


This is the question that every company should ask before investing in the development of a mobile app. If there is an inherent need for mobile app in your company, i.e. a project estimator for your sales team or an educational interactive application for consumers, then development of the application can be justified. If the potential created app doesn’t look to serve a purpose and only act as a cool trinket for your company, maybe the energy should be invested elsewhere, or face landing in a users mobile graveyard.

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image credit: Josh Bancroft on flickr


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