Last week the major news networks surprised moms across Hampton Roads with makeovers in celebration of Mother’s Day. Everyone recognizes that a new look can renew and refresh.

Your website is the face of your business online. An old website can give your business an old and tired look. It may be time to give your website a lift with a new website design.

Your website should offer visitors a clean, simple and modern look. The changes don’t have to be dramatic, you still want your business to be recognizable through the changes.

A Few Simple Rules to Follow When Preparing for a Website Redesign

Research: Take note of what works for your consumers and the visitors to your website. You want to make sure that the information your users consistently seek remains on the site. Use analytics from your website to get a clear picture of website use.

Remove the dead weight: Remove what’s not being used on your website to make the look clean and easier for your customers to use. Your website layout should be based on what helps consumers function on your website. Any extras should be removed.

Make Social Media Available: Include links to your social media pages on your website. Decide how prominent you want social media to be on the website based on the success of your social media strategy. Remember, the goal is to funnel traffic to your website, not away.

Analyze the new site: Use analytics to test the new site. Even if the website looks better, it has to be functional. Test what is working and what may need to be changed.

Just like a makeover for mom, a new website can bring life to your website. Continue to follow the JASE Group blog as we continue to discuss website redesign, including the recent redesign of the JASE Group website.

image credit: by williamcho on Flickr

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