Mac and PC workstationsIn keeping in step with Microsoft, late last week Mozilla released Firefox 4 touting a completely faster, more efficient browsing experience. Early reports had Firefox at over 8 million downloads in its first 24 hours, leaving no doubt behind the buzz of its anticipation.

The new Firefox browser offers one of the quickest start up times as compared to its competitors, along with a minimal interface, much like its competitors. Firefox also offers HTML 5 support like most other browsers delivered today.

But where FF4 starts to separate itself from its competitors is the creation of two of the best features available in a browser, Panorama and multiple computer synchronization.

Panorama is the answer to multiple tabs, gone is the day of searching for a particular page with multiple pages open as Mozilla brings them right to your finger tips with Panorama.

The evolution of the multi-sync has taken Firefox to a new level with its ability to sync across all computers, operating systems, and even back and forth between a Mac and PC, all the while being kept current for you.

While Firefox may not be worth the switch for everyone, for those who multi-task across the net, it may prove to be a viable tool in organization and efficiency.

image source: headsclouds

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